We're looking for Boston developers who want to hack the justice system! Our country has only 3% of the world's population yet it has 25% of the world's prisoners. And most of them haven't even had a trial!

But, you can help! Join the Tubman Project on November 17th and 18th to help us bring balance to the justice system. We'll have three challenges and $1000 prizes for the team that can accomplish each one!

The Tubman Project is an open source initiative to build AI tools for public defenders. We were founded in Houston, TX in 2017.

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$3,000 in prizes

Video Mark

The advent of body and dash cameras means that public defenders often need to sift through hours and hours of raw video footage in order to properly defend their clients. Unfortunately, with their plates already full, most public defenders simply can't keep up. This is exacerbated by police departments and prosecutors purposefully including as much footage as possible in order to bury the underfunded offices and force a poor defense or a plea in order to win.

A tool to help mark these videos for points of interest would be a huge step in balancing the scales. Such a technology could literally save the lives and liberty of thousands.

Survey Bot

Quite often, the first time a defendant will meet their public defender is just before an arraignment hearing. During this hearing, a lot of major decisions need to be made... The defendant will hear the charges against them and will need to make a guilty/not-guilty plea. Bail is also set at this time.

A survey tool that could handle basic question and answer processes like this first meeting would make life easier for public defenders everywhere. This way, they can focus on the case at hand and the individual in front of them rather than the minutia.

Evidence Locker

It can be tough for an overloaded public defender to keep track of the various pieces of evidence that they need to collect to defend all of their cases. In addition, getting this evidence to the lawyer often proves to be a logistical challenge in and of itself... especially when dealing with a defendant who may not have access to transportation.

A "backup my alibi" tool that collects third-party contemporaneous records to bolster one's alibi would be extremely helpful here. Think social media posts with geolocation info. However, it would be important to preserve the user's privacy at the same time.

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Darrell Malone Jr.

Darrell Malone Jr.
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Nicole Siino
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David Colarusso
Suffolk LIT Lab

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